Specializing in Parkinson’s Disease Lawsuits

Parkinson’s Disease Law Center (PDLC) is dedicated to helping people who have Parkinson’s disease as a result of exposure to environmental toxins.

We have lawyers with decades of experience and a proven track record of achieving great results for our clients. We have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of people with Parkinson’s disease and other brain injuries.

Over the last decade, we have retained some of the world’s leading scientists and medical doctors studying the causal connection between trichloroethylene (TCE) and Parkinson’s disease. The scientific evidence demonstrates TCE causes Parkinson’s disease. We help people exposed to TCE recover damages for the economic losses, pain and suffering associated with Parkinson’s disease.

25% Contingency Fee

To honor those who have served our country’s defense, we will only accept a 25% contingency fee plus costs for Camp Lejeune cases. As always, we only get paid if you do and there are no out of pocket costs to you if we don’t recover for you.

For more information or to talk to a lawyer with no obligation or cost to you, contact us today.

File a Parkinson’s Disease/TCE Lawsuit

If you or a family member suffer from Parkinson’s disease and have been exposed to TCE or exposed to drinking water at Camp Lejeune, please contact us. You or your loved one may be entitled to a compensation with no out of pocket costs to you.

We offer no obligation consultations with a Parkinson’s Disease Lawyer who will answer any questions you may have.